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Asahi Shimbun Haikuist Network Column: Jan. 6, 2023

Writing publication... Much gratitude to Professor David McMurray for including this poem in another stellar episode of @AJWasahi Haikuist Network column! Read all the extraordinary work in this edition (including brilliant launching piece by Roberta Beach Jacobson <3) here. Congratulations to the fantastic participating poets whose exceptional writing was included in this fine edition, including @beach_haiku, @petro_ck, @lover__poetic, @lafcadiopoetry. Also Buson & Issa pieces about kites!! <3 (plus their death poems... :o) This poem also alludes to a nasty bit of history along the infamous Appian Way and the brutal suppressions of proletarian revolt inflicted by Pompey tyrants upon their revolting subjugated classes... :o

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