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Deadly Orgone Radiation (D.O.R.) Magazine

Poetry and short fiction publication, in print! This one kind of got away from me, I remember mentioning the entire wonderful issue (highly recommend reading online for free, or even better order a physical copy) but don't think I posted my two contribution's to

@AuthorLachlan's exceptional new experimental journal D.O.R. You can find the entire edition in PDF format here... and order hard copies through Amazon here. The first piece of mine is a vampire haibun! The second piece is a cento poem combining appropriated fragments from "Bill's Story" in the Alcoholics Anonymous big book with a recipe for fried chicken (last meal, incidentally) to explore the life and crimes of American clown John Wayne Gacy. Hope you are following editor and prolific artist, poet and writer Lachlan J McDougall, and check out other extraordinary work in the issue by renowned talents like petro c.k. and Joshua Martin!!

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