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Haiku Foundation: Haiku Dialogue "Special Occasion"

Writing publication! So grateful and excited to join in the latest wonderful showcase at Haiku Foundation this week curated by the exceptional mother/daughter team of Sherry and Zoe Grant, this edition in their Haiku Dialogue “Childhood Memories” series exploring the theme of “Special Occasions”. You don’t want to miss their fantastic selections and astute commentary on fine poems by luminaries such as Pippa Phillips, Daya Bhat, Stephen DeGuire, Vandana Parashar, AJ Anwar, Susan Burch, Chen Xiaoou. Congratulations brilliant haijin of the world! Be sure not to forget to submit for next week’s theme of “School Days, Family and Friends” / (“Who” was important in your life during childhood and “why”?) when you have the opportunity~ Also if you did not have the opportunity to tune in to Sherry and Zoe’s Christmas performance and haiku/rengay reading definitely be sure to navigate to the concert and recitation whenever you need a little heartwarming and seasonal merriment… ;D Worth noting Haiku Dialogue’s constructive new approach recently instituted starting in January, each week they will be exhibiting the long list of selected poems and then next week shall be sharing works with specific commentary as well as the next prompt. Great job international haiku community for your unprecedented zeal and record-breaking submissions… Huge thanks to generous editors and coordinators reviewing and thoughtfully selecting, arranging the many riveting works from across the globe for readers to review and admire with great respect and appreciation!

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