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Hearth & Coffin: Volume 2 Issue 3 "Creature Feature"

Writing publication! Overjoyed to have haiku & tanka in "Creature Feature" issue of

@hearthandcoffin, involving antifascist gremlins, witch-doctoring, & Elizabeth Báthory! Read poems here. And check out entire extraordinary issue if you dare. Love this journal so much, huge thanks to editor-in-chief Barrett White & poetry editor Rachael Matthews for including this work in latest issue! (The ice cream poem is a humble tribute to wonderful #SweetWeird movement which has been making such exciting waves this year...) Hearth & Coffin accept fiction & nonfiction #prose (up to 5k words) and #poetry. Submissions for their 3rd volume (theme"Consume") open on January 15, mark your calendars & don't forget to send your best work for consideration...

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