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Otoroshi: Issue 3/4 — Fall/Winter 2022

Contest win and writing publication!!! Horror fans, red alert: If you need some bone-chilling reading I highly advise you to run don't walk over to the latest thrilling double-issue of #Otoroshi journal edited by enormously talented @pottygok and @WaitingForRowan... Don't miss darkly provocative selections from the "Winter Horror" 2022 Rengay Contest including wonderful collaborative sequences of Bryan Rickert, Susan Burch, Eavonka Ettinger and yours truly! :D The edition features a wealth of exceptional verses of seasonal excellence from masters in the short form horror tradition including Greg Schwartz, Kelly Moyer, Paul Callus, C.X. Turner,Tony Williams, Lakshmi Iyer, emeritus H.S.A. president & superlative critic Jay Friedenberg and many more great talents, you'll find familiar faces and hopefully meet some new voices worth following closely, paying attention to and rooting for! Super thankful for this eloquent, insightful commentary by Rowan Beckett on brilliant

@StormofCuteness and my rengay, work they're accomplishing here (& with Femku, Ubu) is just seminal, international community are deeply indebted, constantly inspired by leading examples...

(Unrelated image, Wix appears to be getting stingy with storage space, need to do some deleting to make more room! m(_ _)m)

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