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Outcast Press Poetry: Issue 12 "Sadness Dies In a Swan Song"

Writing publication! I’d love to take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the great work Outcast Press Poetry has done over the course of their twelve spectacular issues, thank its wonderful poetry editor-in-chief Amy-Jean Muller and assistant editor HLR for the beautiful, stunning work they have done on their latest unfortunately final twelfth issue and the many preceding. So thankful to have these few haiku included, amidst stellar graphic design and visual artwork! The whole edition is such a glorious, feast for the eyes and mind of literature, sculpture, black and white photography, concrete/visual poems, illustrations, texture, asemic writing, collage, mushrooms. I can’t encourage you enough to take a moment when you have the time during this holiday season to browse this triumphant achievement of poems and aesthetic splendor.

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