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The Sirens Call Magazine - Winter 2022

Writing publication... Elated to have two sequence poems (or 'strings', to be more precise) of SciFaiku/Horror Senryu in the Winter anniversary edition of Sirens Call Zine!! So grateful to the SCP team, Gloria Bobrowicz, Lee Forman, and the incomparable Nina D'Arcangela for putting this brilliant issue together with such clear tender love and care, elegant craftsmanship and appropriately eerie imagery. Highly encourage fright fans to check out the dark fiction and poetry (sub-theme: death! :o), stunning visual artwork within, and for aspiring cineastes you can also discover a nifty guide to filmmaking and the production of short horror movies~ <3 Sirens Call will be opening the call for the Spring 2023 Zine on January 1st, read their general guidelines on how to have your short stories, artwork, or poems considered here!

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