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"New York emerging from the Pandemic" by Will Nevers

"Arrival" by Will Nevers

"Show Me an Old Rebel" by Caitlin Johnstone

"13 Aug 15" by Tianyin Wang

"Forbidden Fruit" by Christopher Moore

"Birds of Prey" by Jerome Berglund

"The Biblical Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by Sara Plain

"I Am Not God" by Jordan Urdun

"Two Names for the Same Ship" by Aaron Lelito

"a Haiku" by Cedar R. London

"Pottery #2" by Kate Chambers

"Planet of the Humans" by David Cobb

"Hidden Ritual" by Aaron Lelito

"To Paul Celan" by Alana Campbell

"Pottery #3" by Kate Chambers

"Now What Do I Do?" by Elle Latham

"Flash" by Joe "Magoo" McGill

introduction by Jack Wier

"Desperate Monsters" by Caitlin Johnstone

"Rooster" by Tianyin Wang

"Spaghetti and the First Kiss" by Barbara Lenore Vik

"Subsist" by Aaron Lelito

"Waiting Room" by Elle Latham

"Curiosity and Grace in Equal Measure" by Sara Plain

"The Last Temptation" by Christopher Moore

"Sketchbook" by Tianyin Wang

"How Snopes Lies and Misleads Readers" by Jerome Berglund

"Yellow Rose for Saoirse" by Will Nevers

"Shattered" by Michael Hughes

"Never Agree to Tragedy" Josh Malerman Interview


Ceramic of Season: "Gratia Art" by Kate Chambers

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